Hiring team members with mental health experiences isn’t about doing the right thing —it’s just smart business. Companies that partner with Momentum for Health see the benefits of creating accessible, sustainable employment. Investing in people who otherwise have barriers to the workforce helps your company create:

  • Loyal, engaged staff who are strong organizational citizens
  • Productive, reliable team members with fewer sick days and reduced turnover
  • A culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion that makes employees feel valued

Achieving these benefits is easier than you might think. Many accommodations for employees with a mental health condition cost little or nothing for your company. And in some cases, your business may be eligible to receive tax benefits for hiring from our pool of candidates.

Applicants from Momentum for Health have been hired at companies across many industries throughout Santa Clara County and beyond. No matter where they work, our people offer valuable knowledge, skills, and experience. Some of our candidates are skilled professionals returning to work, and others are starting their careers. All of them are committed and eager to enter or re-enter the workforce. We work with each person to create a unique employment plan based on their goals, interests, and skills.

Then, we connect companies with candidates that fit their specific needs, whether you’re a small business or large enterprise. Our services are free of charge to employers.

Momentum for Health can help you hire team members for:

  • Full-time, part-time, or contract positions
  • Permanent or seasonal work
  • Entry-level to senior-level roles
  • On-site, hybrid, and remote jobs

We’re committed to helping your company and our candidates succeed together. Our candidates usually integrate into their new teams quickly and smoothly, but we’re here to assist with any work-related questions that might arise. If needed, our team can help arrange accommodations, coordinate job coaching, and take part in evaluations or reviews.


Research shows that inclusive workplaces typically have a better corporate climate, higher standards for their work, and stronger productivity across the entire team. Employers who partner with Momentum for Health have seen these benefits firsthand.

Our team helps you connect with employees who are the right fit for your business, based on your specific needs and our clients’ skills and experience. We’ve successfully placed our candidates at workplaces across the community—from corporate offices to retail stores, grocery stores, tech companies, security teams, healthcare and many more.

These outcomes are a win-win. Employees are providing for themselves and finding purpose, and employers are benefiting from their hard work and dedication.

Take the Next Step

Learn more about our Employment Services program. You can also speak with our team to discuss hiring a Momentum for Health candidate. Email Angelina Kabahit: AKabahit@momentumforhealth.org.