At Momentum for Health, we recognize the importance of supporting and honoring the culturally diverse communities in which we live and work. By providing services and programs that are inclusive, respectful and that celebrate the unique differences and needs of each client, our goal remains to create and support a healthier community.

Societal unrest and inequity strengthen our resolve to advocate, support and contribute to the equity and inclusion needed and required to serve all in the community that seek care from Momentum. Black lives matter greatly. Black, LatinX and Asian people are experiencing increased violence that must be condemned. Individuals in the LGBTQ community face often insurmountable challenges in accessing affirming and inclusive services. Momentum recognizes the disparities that prevent equitable access to treatment. We honor the uniqueness each individual possesses.

Our service delivery is modeled on evidenced based practice and is culturally inclusive, affirming, and supports positive clinical outcomes.

Our professional staff is experienced and diverse and part of our agency’s fabric in representing our community at large.

We support all communities, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual identity, sexual orientation, or economic status. Supporting the health of individuals in Santa Clara County cannot be measured against labels.

We therefore stand by and support our diverse community.  We are proud of our developing and seasoned staff. We are an agency with a mission to support the health of our community and all within it. We support change and being a change agent.

Our commitment is shared by our Board of Directors, our leadership team, and each of our 500 experienced staff. We will continue the effort to contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion within our community and to work to lead by example.