This San Jose mom lost her first two children while homeless. Here’s how she turned her life around for the third

Four years ago, Nikita encountered challenges while experiencing homelessness. She faced struggles related to addiction. People offered her drugs as a way to cope.

Pregnant with her third child and having lost custody of her two older children, Nikita was referred to Parisi House on the Hill by her obstetrician.

Parisi House on the Hill stands out by keeping mothers and their children together, providing support by offering drug counseling and parenting classes. Nikita found a lifeline in this supportive environment.

Determined to make positive changes, Nikita completed the program in 2019. She now serves as a Child Development Coordinator at Parisi House on the Hill, inspiring other mothers on their road to recovery.

Nikita attended parenting and drug-relapse prevention classes, spent time reading to her son in the library, and never missed a doctor or therapy appointment. Her son, Alex, is now thriving at 4½ years old.

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