National Recovery Month

What Recovery Means to Us

For National Recovery Month this September, Momentum for Health’s Addiction Treatment Services (ATS) team of certified alcohol and drug counselors, recovery support specialist and clinicians got together to think about what recovery means to us. Many of us have personal experiences with addiction. Together, we have over 77 years of recovery from substances! We work daily to fight the stigma of addiction in our community, and we believe that everyone deserves a right to their own path towards recovery. We are living proof that people can and do recover.

“Recovery is a journey where every day sober is better than any day under the influence of alcohol of drugs.” – Sara Morales

“Recovery for me is growth in its truest form.” – Rishika Syal

“Recovery to me is getting one’s life back, where you are able to live a life you were meant to live in order to reach your full potential. It means living abstinent from any mind-altering substances where you no longer need substances to handle negative feelings and emotions. Recovery is a process, it takes a lot of work and dedication. There are many roads to recovery but the end result is always the same….freedom from the bondage of drugs and alcohol.” – Laura Guiterrez

“My definition of recovery is a chance to start over and  live the life you deserve.” – Heather Ortiz

“Recovery is freedom from the darkness” – Christina Miramon

“Recovery, to me, permeates my entire life. In my decision to live not only substance free, but embracing a daily self-care and mindfulness practice, I am able to truly live and – better yet, – I get to share it with others: We teach best what we most need to learn.” – Violet Thornton

“Recovery is learning that life is beautiful and I don’t have to suffer through the trauma that addiction caused for me.” – Scot Pearson “Recovery is when someone admits that addiction has taken priority in their lives in a way that shouldn’t, and they seek help to get healthy.” – Rosario Marcial-Cruz

“Recovery is when you get reconnected to your true self.” -Jasmine Coombs