Founded on the premise that work promotes financial self-sufficiency, self-esteem and emotional well-being, Momentum Employment Services (MES) assists participants in meeting the challenges associated with gaining and keeping employment.

At MES, our mission is to help individuals fully participate in life by working together in securing and retaining meaningful jobs in the community.

Clients who come to MES for assistance have a broad range of skills and experience, strengths and talents. Some have a rich work history; for others, this is their first time seeking employment. At MES, we specialize in providing assistance to people living with a mental illness who would like support in transitioning to a work environment.

2001 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

(408) 260-4050
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ELIGIBILITY:Santa Clara County Resident, Age 18 years or older, Receiving Mental Health Services from Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services or Approved Contractor of SCCBHSD
DOR SERVICES AVAILABLE:Situational Assessment, Employment Preparation, Job Development, Job Retention, Non-Supported Employment Job Coaching, Post-Placement Support
FUNDING SOURCE:State of California Department of Rehabilitation, Grants, Donations


Funded by a cooperative agreement between State of California Department of Rehabilitation and Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services, Momentum Employment Services (MES) provides support services to persons with mental health disabilities motivated to re-enter the workforce by assisting them to secure and maintain employment consistent with their preferences, skills and abilities. Once a job goal is established, MES assists clients with job seeking skills, resume writing, completing master job applications, practice interviewing and arranging informational interviews or job shadowing with prospective employers. MES offers counseling and guidance on such issues as appropriate dress for the work place, communication skills, how to report wage earnings/Social Security benefits issues, understanding employer expectations and other skills needed to retain employment. MES is contracted to serve 100 individuals per year.

MES has three full-time Employment Liaisons (ELs) to assist individuals to make the transition from seeing themselves as a mental health client to becoming a jobseeker and, eventually, a successful employee. ELs assist in preparing for active job search and developing strategies that contribute to successfully maintaining employment. Once the jobseeker is ready to start an active job search, the EL provides assistance to obtain a job that fits with the jobseeker’s current skills, experience and interests. The manner in which the MES Team interfaces with potential employers is predicated on the jobseeker’s disclosure preferences. ELs work in the community to establish relationships with employers in order to generate a variety of opportunities consistent with the jobseeker’s needs and employment goals. They can provide direct support to the jobseeker by attending employment interviews, as needed, as well as assistance with identifying reasonable accommodations and disclosure of their disability.

The MES team supports the new employee after job placement to ensure job retention, either at the worksite or offsite, depending on preference, providing encouragement and practical strategies focused on successfully maintaining employment. We collaborate with employers at the new employee’s request to support necessary job accommodations, coordinate job coaching, participate in performance evaluations or reviews, and assist with work-related issues. Generally, the jobseeker will meet with their Employment Liaison weekly to work on tasks that contribute to reaching the employment goal. Meetings take place, at a minimum, twice per month. Frequency is determined by the jobseeker’s need and preference. Services are available Monday through Friday, during regular business hours, either in San Jose or at our Palo Alto satellite location. We are also available for worksite job support after hours and on weekends.