Youth Early Intervention

REACH (Raising Early Awareness And Creating Hope)

reach-programRaising Early Awareness and Creating Hope (REACH) serves youth ages 10 to 25 who are either showing early signs or have recently been diagnosed with a psychosis. In addition, REACH aims to raise awareness and understanding of mental illness within the community while offering culturally competent and evidence-informed treatment to underserved youth and their families.

REACH is a collaborative partnership program between Momentum and Starlight Community services which offers: psycho-education for the community, phone and in-person consultations, multi-disciplinary assessments, outreach to schools, individual and family counseling, crisis management, medication management, occupational therapy, supported education and employment, and family advocated and peer mentor support.

Program Requirements – For consultations, more information, or referrals, please call us at 1. 855.2REACHUS (1-855-273-2248)


REACH is a partnership between Momentum and Starlight Community Services.