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The tax benefits of donating stock to a charity can be significant.

There can be very favorable tax benefits to donors who wish to gift long-term stock (stock owned for more than one year) that has appreciated in value. Essentially, the donor may not have to pay capital gains on the appreciated stock. This can result in a tremendous tax benefit and incentive to donate stock to an eligible nonprofit. Be sure to work with your broker or tax consultant before proceeding.

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If you are interested in gifting stock or other securities, please transfer to:

Momentum for Health
Account number 33L-140648

C/o First Republic Securities
Attn: Mike Taylor
111 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: (415) 364-4870
Fax: (415) 364-4509

DTC #0443

You can email the information to:

Be sure to have your broker include the following information in the trailer line:
For the Benefit of: Momentum for Health and Investor’s Name is: __________________  DTC number is 0443