Momentum for Health comes alongside youth and young adults who have a diagnosis or are showing early signs of a mental or behavioral health condition. Our experienced, compassionate team:

  • Offers urgent, timely care to stabilize mental health conditions.
  • Focuses on meeting both short-term and long-term needs for clients and their families
  • Works with clients over time to help them build critical life skills
  • Helps clients foster a positive outlook on adulthood

Momentum for Health’s approach to care is compassionate, culturally sensitive, and centered on each client as a whole person. We believe in:

  • Honoring our youth’s ability for self-determination
  • Recognizing individual achievements and strengths
  • Celebrating progress rather than perfection
  • Valuing partnerships

Our services include early prevention and intervention, acute outpatient services, counseling, assessments, community outreach, peer support, crisis management, and more. Clients can access these services through the following programs.

Early Intervention & Prevention (REACH)

Early intervention and prevention services for youth and young adults who are showing early signs of psychosis

Youth Acute Outpatient

Acute outpatient care for youth and young adults from ages 16 to 25 who are experiencing physical, social, behavioral, and emotional distress

The Drop-In Center

An after-school space for clients enrolled in our youth programs to socialize, participate in group sessions, and get involved in the community