Sally Yates: When Darkness Falls

Sally Yates is the former Deputy Attorney General and Acting Attorney General of the United States. In a touching and beautifully written article her Dad’s battle with depression is shared.

(CNN)It was May 6, 1986, and I was just days away from graduating from law school. Late in the afternoon, my mother called the Law Review office looking for me. I had just left to grab a quick dinner before settling in for a long night of studying for exams. My friend who answered the phone that afternoon would be asked to do something no friend should have to do — tell me that my father was dead.

This was in the days before the advent of cell phones, so there was no real way to track me down. My friend knew that I was going to the local Kinko’s copy shop (another sign of the 1980’s) before returning to the library, and was waiting outside the shop when I arrived. He told me that my mother had called, and that my father had died.