Happy Mothers Day

To My Children2Being a mother can be a huge challenge and delicate juggling act no matter who you are. For mothers coping with a mental illness this challenge can be amplified.

There are times when functioning will be compromised when living with that mental illness. Yet it is important to understand that this doesn’t mean that a healthy family is out of reach. Knowing more about the illness, its triggers and cycles will help to navigate life’s daily schedule and activity.

One significant barrier to receiving support is stigma because our society has a tendency to hold negative beliefs and attitudes about mental illness. In addition, stigma also increases the pressure on parents to be the perfect caregiver. Learning to live with a mental illness can be key. It is not about fixing fancy meals each night or having a spotless home but letting your kids know you love them and facing illness with courage says a lot more about what kind of mother you truly are.

Read this story to meet a mother a who has dealt with anxiety for as long as she can remember. As exhausting as it can be at times to live with a mental illness this mother finds hope through the smiles, hugs and optimism of her children.

To this mother and all the mothers who may be coping with a mental illness please know that you are not alone. Your hope, courage and love inspires us ALL, each and every day.

We wish you a happy, happy Mother’s Day!