Executive Team

<center>David K. Mineta, MSW</center>

David K. Mineta, MSW

President & CEO
<center>Kevin “Dee” DeWitt</center>

Kevin “Dee” DeWitt

Chief Operating Officer – Chief Financial Officer
<center>Shefali Miller, M.D.</center>

Shefali Miller, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer
<center>Gail Campanale, LMFT</center>

Gail Campanale, LMFT

Chief of Outpatient Programs
<center>Jennifer Chu</center>

Jennifer Chu

Director of Human Resources
<center>Jerry McCann, CPRP</center>

Jerry McCann, CPRP

Chief Performance Officer
<center>Jim Millsap, CPRP</center>

Jim Millsap, CPRP

Executive Director of La Selva Group
<center>Eleonore Pace, MHRS</center>

Eleonore Pace, MHRS

Chief Officer of Residential & IOP Criminal Justice Programs
<center>Stacy Richardson, Ph.D., LMFT, NCC</center>

Stacy Richardson, Ph.D., LMFT, NCC

Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
<center>Alex Shwarzstein, CFRE</center>

Alex Shwarzstein, CFRE

Director of Development & Communications

<center>Amy Duncan</center>

Amy Duncan

General Counsel