Story of Recovery

At just 14-years-old, Audrey was taken to Emergency Psychiatric Services (EPS) when her school’s therapist noticed cut marks on her arms, a response to being sexually abused two years prior. The next nine years were rough; between Audrey’s mother’s belief that her daughter was not in need of mental health treatment and getting heavily involved in addictive stimulants, Audrey’s life took a turn for the worse. “When I was 16, I thought I was hearing God,” she said. “Once I started doing drugs, that’s when I started seeing things and hearing things that weren’t there. Drugs definitely induced [my symptoms of schizophrenia].” Around the age of 23, Audrey became fed up with the way her life was going. After doing some research about various programs in the area and trying out their services, Audrey felt fortunate that Momentum’s Youth and Family Services program was able to provide her with the help and resources she needed.  Read more